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S.O.S October 8, 2008

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Oh joy. They`re making up rumors about me now. -_-

CRAP. When will this thing ever stop?

Oh well. Before I get to that, I`ll just blog about how the rest of my day went.

Note: My day hasn`t exactly ended yet, this is just all the free time I can get to blog. The rest of day`ll be just boring. anyway.

So yeah. Got to school alot earlier than usual. Since I have no one to hang out with in the morning anymore, I just go walking around the school until the bell rings. Bummer.

School time officially started. We had our finals, and it was, surprisingly, a piece of cake.

Recess time.


Laughing, joking around my my new friends.

Until they came by.

See, knowing them well since I was a part of them before, at recess time, they usually make themselves noticeable before the person they`re “destroying”.

Then, the person being “destroyed” gets self-conscious and keeps quiet.

After that becomes evident, they walk to that sad person`s table and then they start saying “hi” to EVERYONE in the table.

…except the one being “destroyed”, of course.

That way they make that person feel even more conscious, and later on, invisible.

So yeah. That`s what happened to me.

I`ve just come to some realizations after that. I was actually shocked. `Cause like, whoa, I was actually a part of that group, terrorizing everyone they hate! When that usually happens, I just kinda sit there and watch and not really do that much action. But, still, I was a part of them. And that`s where I realized that people actually saw me a person exactly like them, since I was always with them. Bummer.

But, I didn`t really care about that anymore after a couple of minutes of comforting from my new pals. Aww. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the main event.

The bell rang and we went up for the second test.

While waiting for the teacher to arrive, ALL of them [which is, believe me, a really large group] were huddling at the back and talking quietly.

Obviously, it was about me.

I heard a fair range of “OMG!” and “NO WAAAAY!?” expressions while they were all having their little talk.

It was then when I knew.

Okay. Flashback.

A few days after the whole drama started, I asked one of the members from another group [Who hates the group that I`m not in  good terms with] if they plan on having a “one-on-one” with the other group. I just asked for the sake of knowing if they`re still gonna mess with them. Now, nothing wrong with that, right?

Right. Absolutely.


For them, at least.

Apparently, since they judge at the speed of light, when they knew about it [you guys should know that rumors spread at the speed of  light as well] they quickly assumed right I was blackmailing them to the group.


Now, since that happened, they again spread it around, told everyone. Great, I lost more friends.

Damn this thing.

I just hate it that I`m being hated and talked about for things I NEVER actually did. Total bummerrrrr.

OH WAIT! THERE`S MORE! [I sound one of those guys in Home Shopping Network selling those weird Iron Chef stuff on TV.]

One of the people told me while walking out of the school that they kept telling people that I made up my being sick the last week `cause I was too cowardly too face them [the day they all started hating me, and they told me, I got high fever and I had to go home.]


What do they think of me, some freak that controls my own temperature so so I can run away from my social problems? SHEESH.

Oh well. I`ve got limited time left in here, so that`s about it for today. I won`t be writing my lessons learned for today as I always do. Little time left.

Aww crap. I guess I`ll just watch “Just My Luck” on DVD to calm me down.