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S.O.S October 8, 2008

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Oh joy. They`re making up rumors about me now. -_-

CRAP. When will this thing ever stop?

Oh well. Before I get to that, I`ll just blog about how the rest of my day went.

Note: My day hasn`t exactly ended yet, this is just all the free time I can get to blog. The rest of day`ll be just boring. anyway.

So yeah. Got to school alot earlier than usual. Since I have no one to hang out with in the morning anymore, I just go walking around the school until the bell rings. Bummer.

School time officially started. We had our finals, and it was, surprisingly, a piece of cake.

Recess time.


Laughing, joking around my my new friends.

Until they came by.

See, knowing them well since I was a part of them before, at recess time, they usually make themselves noticeable before the person they`re “destroying”.

Then, the person being “destroyed” gets self-conscious and keeps quiet.

After that becomes evident, they walk to that sad person`s table and then they start saying “hi” to EVERYONE in the table.

…except the one being “destroyed”, of course.

That way they make that person feel even more conscious, and later on, invisible.

So yeah. That`s what happened to me.

I`ve just come to some realizations after that. I was actually shocked. `Cause like, whoa, I was actually a part of that group, terrorizing everyone they hate! When that usually happens, I just kinda sit there and watch and not really do that much action. But, still, I was a part of them. And that`s where I realized that people actually saw me a person exactly like them, since I was always with them. Bummer.

But, I didn`t really care about that anymore after a couple of minutes of comforting from my new pals. Aww. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the main event.

The bell rang and we went up for the second test.

While waiting for the teacher to arrive, ALL of them [which is, believe me, a really large group] were huddling at the back and talking quietly.

Obviously, it was about me.

I heard a fair range of “OMG!” and “NO WAAAAY!?” expressions while they were all having their little talk.

It was then when I knew.

Okay. Flashback.

A few days after the whole drama started, I asked one of the members from another group [Who hates the group that I`m not in  good terms with] if they plan on having a “one-on-one” with the other group. I just asked for the sake of knowing if they`re still gonna mess with them. Now, nothing wrong with that, right?

Right. Absolutely.


For them, at least.

Apparently, since they judge at the speed of light, when they knew about it [you guys should know that rumors spread at the speed of  light as well] they quickly assumed right I was blackmailing them to the group.


Now, since that happened, they again spread it around, told everyone. Great, I lost more friends.

Damn this thing.

I just hate it that I`m being hated and talked about for things I NEVER actually did. Total bummerrrrr.

OH WAIT! THERE`S MORE! [I sound one of those guys in Home Shopping Network selling those weird Iron Chef stuff on TV.]

One of the people told me while walking out of the school that they kept telling people that I made up my being sick the last week `cause I was too cowardly too face them [the day they all started hating me, and they told me, I got high fever and I had to go home.]


What do they think of me, some freak that controls my own temperature so so I can run away from my social problems? SHEESH.

Oh well. I`ve got limited time left in here, so that`s about it for today. I won`t be writing my lessons learned for today as I always do. Little time left.

Aww crap. I guess I`ll just watch “Just My Luck” on DVD to calm me down.





October 7, 2008. October 7, 2008

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Aww. I need more comments and subscriptions! LOL. Anyway.

And yes, whenever I blog and I can`t think of another title, I`ll just be writing the date.;)

So anyway.

Today was actually good. ALOT better than the past few days. Huge drama`s been going on in school since last week. And I`m actually one of the main people. Boooo.

And with great ranting comes great story-telling. So I`ll be telling what happened before I really blog about today.

So here it goes.

I`ve been fairly popular in my class. I talked and interact with almost everyone. I [used to] have really *ahem* “great”, “loyal” and “supportive” “friends” who  “will never leave me behind and will always be there for me.” HAH. That`s why I put the quotation marks, dearies.

THOSE group of friends that I just mentioned were actually my best friends So yeah.

Our group was also close to this fairly popular group as well. This group was now made up of my close friends


So anyway. As the year progressed, my best friends didn`t really like one of the people in our close friends group. [That girl was actually the suspected “leader” of the group. Let`s call her Lucy.] Soon they started talking about her, and I was beginning to be influenced by what they kept saying about her, so I kind of began to not like her as well. And I thought that it was okay too for me start talking about her and stuff.

And Lucy knew about it.

Suddenly, Lucy and the people from her group started ignoring me. ME ONLY. It was kind of weird though. I asked for advice from my older friends, they told me stop focusing on the people who hate me, and be thankful from my real, true, best friends, who will definately never leave me.

That was definately good advice.

Too bad it didn`t work.

*Gasp* WHY?

…because those “real, true, best friends” hated me as well.

And for what reason?



And I learned that Lucy`s group [my close friends group] told my best friends, and they got influenced and they hated me too.


Now that sucks, right?

Let me answer that. OF COURSE IT DOES. 😐

See how influence takes it all down?

But whatever. Anyway.

I apologized.

a really heartfelt apology.

and they had no reaction.

Yes, I did something. I ADMITTED IT. But I apologized. Now, it`s kind of their problem now that they won`t accept it.

So I was alone.

I make my way to the lunch table, alone.

Sat down, read a book, ate a burger, drank Fit n’ Right, [of-topic, but I`m seriously addicted to that drink now. Lol. Okay, focus,]

I actually enoyed being alone. It gave me time to reflect on things and it really gave me peace of mind.

Until I heard whispers just across my table.

It was them.

Making fun of me.

I`m like, whoa, respect please?


I couldn`t take it. After that, there were indirect adresses. You know, like someone who says something out loud, that`s obviously directed to you, but doesn`t say it is? Nevermind. Hope you`ll get it.

What hurt the most is that they turned almost all the friends I had against me. Including my best friends.

Well, My best friends were actually supposed to stick up for me, right? And not just sit there and absorb every single thing they said.

But anyway. I, again, sought help from my older friends. They said that they`re not supposed to be worth the stress <— SO TRUE. and that I should hang out with more people and form new friendships.


I hung out with my other friends, and I had a blast. I really felt at home with them. I`m just so happy that I got to find other people who would actually care about and comfort me.


  • Love someone or hate someone, you`re still thinking about them. So don`t stress on thinking about those who you hate. There are, and will always be, people out there who you can run to.
  • Influence is deadly. Either you just wanna fit in, or you don`t want to feel insecure around them, never let influence get in your way. Think about the situation like a real civilized human being.
  • Never worry about tomorrow, today`s problems are enough. Yeap, I got that from the Bible. Lol. It`s pretty self-explanatory, so never look back or look forward, just be contented with where you are now.
  • Learn to forgive yourself. Hey, we`re all human, we all mess up big, and shit happens. You can never change the past, so just live with it, beat it, and move on.
  • EVERYTHING, whatever situation, whatever struggle begins, it will definately end. That didn`t happen yet on my case, but I`m confident that it will. It`ll be hard and it`ll take time, but I should just live life to the fullest and not worry.

LOL, that`s enough now. I don`t think I have enough time for blogging. Oh well. Count on it tomorrow.:)

SORRY FOR BORING YOU. Not an official journal entry yet, but anyway.:)






Hey there guys!:)

Okay. Since I’ll be blogging here, and I’m bored out of my wits, I’ll be writing a recap of my life. LOLLL. I know what you`re thinking, “aww crap. another autobiography blah blah.” Well, sorta. Haha. But anyway, this is just some things you guys need to know about me so that you can keep up with the future blogs I will be posting.:)

Okaaaay. Here goes nothing.

I was born on the 13th day of September. I`m not gonna say my age (lol.) but I am, still, a teenager. Almost an adult though, couple more years. Haha.

I’m from the Philippines. (Yeap. Waaaay down on Southeast Asia.)

My mom had like German Measles when she was pregnant with me, so I was really supposed to be either blind, deaf, mute or autistic. Mmhmm. Bummer. But well, thanks to prayers, I was born a healthy and happy girl. (Yes, obviously, GIRL. That`s why it`s PRINCESSproblematic. Lol, just making sure that you got my gender right.)

My parents separated when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I live with my ever hard-working mom and my only older brother. My mom pretty is pretty much the provider for the family now, since my dad never cared about our financial need since they separated, I still get to see him from time to time though, but not always since he lives in another city.

I’m Catholic. And very religious, if I may add.

I’m a sports fanatic. I love keeping myself active. I play soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis and I do a bit of swimming and track&&field. I also play the piano and know a bit guitar, since my die-hard-Santana-fan brother insists that he shares his passion for playing the guitar with me. But I`d of course choose piano over guitar any day.

I love music. It`s just something that gets emotions out of me. From Beyonce to Abba, from Neyo to Neil Diamond, from Boys like Girls and Fall Out Boy to The Beatles and the Bee Gees. Yeap, from modern, hip r&&b to old-fashioned, out-of-date legends, I`ll love any song that`s great to listen to and has real meaning to it. Favorite bands of all time? Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Mayday Parade, We the Kings, Jonas Brothers&&the out of place, the Beatles.:)

Hmmm….what else?

I love blogging (well, obviously) and interacting and meeting new people. I don`t know why, I just enjoy sharing thoughts and feelings with people, even if I don`t really know them. Lol.

That`s probably about it. Just keep up with my blogs and other stuff I post here. Hope you`ll subscribe and leave a comment!:)





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Hello World.

Honestly, I have no idea who could be viewing this. I don’t know any people who have blogs here. But oh well.

Basically, I made this so that I can let stuff out. It’s actually better if people who I don’t know view this, ’cause if I know you, you’d probably tell on the people I rant on in here. Lol.


So yeah, I guess I’ll be blogging from time to time, letting out all the I have bottled up. Well, if you can keep with all the madness, that is.

Just leave a reply or comment, or better yet, subscribe to my blog. It’ll be like getting to know the daily life of a complete stranger. 😉

Toodles for now.:)